Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Eskimo Kisses, House Cleaning and Mario

Eskimo Kisses:
I've posted some pics of Lila giving Kirstyn, Danny and I Eskimo kisses. Brent wasn't home from work yet, or else I would have taken one with him too. Whenever she hugs or kisses any one of us she goes around the room and does it to the rest of us. It's so much fun. She loves to tease though. If you are the first person in the bunch to ask for a hug or a kiss, she usually runs straight to someone else and gives them one first. Usually the asker gets it last. LOL

House Cleaning:
Lila LOVES helping. You cannot even open the dishwasher without her running over trying to grab dishes to put them away. It doesn't matter if it's a dirty load or not, she gets right to work. When the dishes are clean I remove all of the knives or anything she can get hurt on and she helps put away the rest. She can't see what she's doing, but she reaches up as tall as she can and blindly drops stuff in drawers. It's so cute to watch her help. She is incredibly independant. I wonder where she gets that from????? She has also started grabbing the broom and dustpan. She sweeps the carpet and the tile. Just this morning she grabbed one of her faceclothes and went to town cleaning the cabinets, walls, stools, her high chair and toys. When I went to get the camera she yelled "DONE!" LOL... I convinced her to do it again so I could snap a few photos.

You know you have been playing too much Mario when your lil child starts shouting... "DON'T DIE, DON'T DIE" and..... "BUBBLE!". LOL

You also know your playing too much Mario when all of a sudden you look over and you see her in a little plastic playpen made for dolls (not kids) chewing on a power cord (not plugged in thankfully)

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