Friday, February 26, 2010

Lickity Split Meals!

I know I've emailed some of you about Zonya Foco, the dietitian on KBYU. I bought one of her cookbooks a few nights ago, and so far I am very pleased. The name of the cookbook is Lickity Split Meals. So far I have tried the Turkey Sloppy Joes, Beef Stroganoff and Chocolate Chip Cookie Bars. They were all very good. It makes eating healthy enjoyable. I couldn't believe how yummy the Chocolate Chip Bars were. Kirstyn, Danny and Lila all loved them too. I plan on trying more recipes. I will let you know what I think.

I also bought the True Lemon and True Lime stuff I emailed about. It is a very refreshing, clean taste. It is a good alternative to soda, or Crystal Lite. Or even if you just need help flavoring water to get more of it in your system. I use one of the packets with a packet of Sun Crystals (which is a 5 calorie natural sweetener made with raw sugar and Stevia) It is good. I prefer the taste of the True Lime flavor. I bought it at Smith's, but you can go on their website to see what stores in your area offer it. I will paste the links below. You can always order off their website I guess. I still need to look into the Vitalicious products she talks about. They sound really good too.

Ok I tried to paste the link to True Lemon, I am not sure if it worked.

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  1. Okay, a few things... I never got any email about True lime or lemon anything. (What the heck?! ha ha)

    I LOVE the new background. You seriously rock.


    Also, just want to finish off by saying that you are the coolest cousin ever and I'm really glad I know you now! Also, I am really glad that you are blogging and letting me keep tabs on you, and on the flipside, that you are checking out my blog every now and then and leaving comments. You ARE AWESOME!!!