Friday, February 19, 2010

Valentine's FonDID!! :)

Valentine's FonDID!! :)

Here are some pics from Valentine's Day. We all went over Grant and Sandy's house and had Fondu. It was really good! We all ate a lot of food and had fun. There are also some pics in here of Lila in her little plastic playpen again. (you know, the one she isn't supposed to be in because it isn't safe... yeah that one...) There was so much food there. I think my favorite was the strawberries with carmel. yum! It was also Lila's first time sitting at the table like a big girl without her high chair. She was sitting in Crew's Bumbo, and she was very happy about that.

I ate Jello and it was good! I can't believe I liked it. I hate Jello, but somehow Sandy made it tasty. It was a very confusing experience for me. Liking Jello that is...

We all went to the movies to see Valentine's Day too. Porter watched Lila. That was so nice of him to do that. I think we all enjoyed the movie.

Anyway Enjoy the pics! Love you guys!

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