Thursday, February 11, 2010

Pebbles Hair Do and Valentine's Day Cookies :)

Pebbles Hair Do:
There are a couple of pictures in here of Lila with her hair done like Pebbles from the Flintstone's. Her hair is getting really long. I should be able to do just about any kind of pony tail I want soon. :) Maybe off to the side????

Valentine's Day Cookies:
We went over Grant and Sandy's house to decorate cookies for Valentine's Day. Sandy and Steph make the best sugar cookies. There were a bunch of different kinds of candies and sprinkles to decorate with, so it was a lot of fun. Lila LOVED putting the sprinkles on. I think she poured sprinkles for a good hour, and then cried that she wanted to keep going back to do more. We were sad that Kirstyn wasn't able to make it. She had too much homework and studying to do. We made sure to bring her back some vegetarian safe cookies. Danny hand crafted them himself.

Valentine's Day Plans:
We all want to see the movie Valentine's Day sometime this weekend. Hopefully we will be able to work something out so we can. Brent and I still need to figure out what we are going to do to celebrate.

In General:
Other then all of that going on, Lila has had RSV (I guess a respiratory infection) and now a double ear infection, so she has had a rough time of the past week. On top of that she dropped a bottle of hot sauce on her toe tonight and it's swollen and bruised. I am not sure if it is broken or not, she is walking on it fine so I guess not.

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  1. Oh no! I hope that Lila's all better now! RSV can be really bad. I am grateful that, (so far...KNOCK ON WOOD) Ez hasn't been sick. I'm sorry you guys were all sick. I hope you are all better soon, if you aren't already! Call me if you need anything! I'm here for you, SISTAH!