Friday, February 19, 2010

Some Sick Thoughts.....

Ah HAh! Probably not what you are thinking! Get your minds out of the gutter. :)

Just kidding.

Anyway I just thought I would write a few random things that I have been thinking over the past day or two. I call them the top ten of being sick, even though I don't know if I have ten things I want to write, or maybe even more.. who knows. They are in no particular order either. They are what they are..... and that's just thoughts.

1) I really need to start taking care of myself and focusing even more on a healthier lifestyle. If there's anything I have realized while being sick it's that I hate being sick and I don't want to be stricken with something that doesn't just go away like a virus or sinus infection.
2) I can't believe how adorable and amazing and loving my little girl is. She is just so much fun. She has been so patient with me while I have been sick. I don't know how she understands, but she just does. The other day she smacked me in the face and when she saw how much it hurt me her little bottom lip stuck way out quivering and her eyes welled up with tears. She felt so bad. She had no idea before she hit me what the result would be, but when she saw I was in pain her little heart broke. :( On a side note, I think she is going to turn into a Popsicle. She has been eating probably 5 of them a day, at least!
3) I have realized that the world does still go on without me, and that even though things aren't done the way I would do them and even if the house isn't as clean as I would like everything is still OK! So, with all of this in mind I really don't need to stress the way I do and be so uptight about everything right????? Yeah right! It's something to try to achieve.... More Zen, less stress... :)
4) I have never watched Grey's Anatomy before, and other than the fact that everyone is always sleeping with everyone it's a pretty interesting show. The few episodes I have seen anyway.
5) I am amazed at how wonderful and helpful my husband is. I really need to show my appreciation for him more and not be critical. He's the bomb diggity.
6) Sandy is always there to lend a hand or brighten up your day. She called yesterday to check on us and brought us over lunch. Even though we can't be around all of our family, it's nice to have some family around.
7) The Olympics are cool to watch but they also are difficult too. In a split second a persons hard work and dreams can be just ripped away. That's not easy to watch! If they were just slackers or if they didn't try very hard that would be one thing, but most of these athletes have put their lives basically on hold to train for this one moment in time. Something goes wrong and,.... forget about it!!! I'm sure there is a moral to this story but I don't know what that is.
8) I still love the original Cadbury Eggs. They are chocolaty ooey gooey goodness. I know this statement completely contradicts any point I made in #1.
9) I think the poor air quality in Salt Lake has something to do with me being this sick. I am debating whether I should do the nasal rinse or not. Will it be helpful or harmful, to rinse or not to rinse, that is the question.
10) I have noticed a lot of people at work are planning vacations. I want to go someplace warm too.
11) Just checking to see if anyone actually made it this far?
12) I hope people start commenting on my blogs. It feels like I am blogging to the wind. It's like all of this only happens in my world and in my head which it's all happening already there so why put it here?


  1. Bren, I LOVE your top ten (12) sick thoughts and agree with quite a bit of your reflections. RE: #3, it's a tough lessen to learn, but an incredible stress relief when you realize it and are able to let some things go. I love you and I love your blog. Your pictures and humor make me smile, that big "i miss my little sister" smile!!

  2. You are AWESOME! I know what you mean about comments. I have a friend, Olivia who ALWAYS comments on my posts, and there are times I think she is the only one who ever reads it! ha ha. I am going to start checking your blog more often! Love you, Cuz!