Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Our Blog!

Ok, I am going to try to start blogging. It will be a good way to let you guys know what's going on in our world. It will also be a good simplified journal and photobook to keep if it archives!

Lila in General:
Still loves animals, books, and beating Sunny up. :) She is so much fun. She keeps us very busy. Even now as I am trying to write she keeps trying to grab my hand. That is a new thing she says "hand..." and then takes you in the other room to show you what she wants. It's usually to the refrigerator to grab a clementine because it looks like a ball, and she gets to open the fruit draw which is exciting for her. She eats about two to three bites and gives the rest to Sunny. Poor Sunny is getting huge!
By the way Tammy she keeps pointing to the picture of you on the mouse pad and saying "Dan!" LOL..
She is talking so much. She basically tries to repeat anything you say. Not word for word, but she pick out a key word in what you've just said and tries to repeat it. My favorites are cheek (for the cheeks on her face), butt (for belly button) and bumb (for her bumb).
Brent and I:
Are just loving being parents and we love having Kirstyn and Danny with us. They are a real blessing in our home. Other than that we are hard core Super Mario Players since Christmas. My thumbs are numb from pressing the buttons on the controller so hard.
Danny and Kirstyn:
Are still getting settled. It's going to take them a little while to get their legs here and start meeting friends. They are off to a great start though.
I'll try to take pictures more often and keep this updated. Love and Miss you all!

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  1. I'm so excited you have a blog - you have motivated me into thinking about starting up again. I love all the pictures. Lila is the best. -Steph (this is from Steph, I don't know why it says Porter)