Monday, March 8, 2010

Thanksgiving Point Farm

We went on a family outing to Thanksgiving Point Farm. Lila has been a few times with Sandy already, but this was Brent's and my first time there. Lila was really nervous at first, but after we went around once we tried it again and she was much more relaxed. Grant and Sandy met us there for our second time around. Unfortunately I didn't get any pictures of them this time. We saw goats, lamas, cows, all kinds of chickens, roosters, turkeys, horses (Clydesdale's), mini ponies, bunnies, ducks, etc. Lila's favorite by far were the bunnies. They were so stinking cute and fuzzy. It made me want to get her one for Easter, but we won't!!!! She kept shouting BUNNY, BUNNY! and running over to where their cages were. She loved the ducks a lot too. I was shocked when she pet the huge Clydesdale's with Brent.

The Clydesdale's were really cool. There were a set that looked like twins. They even had moustaches if you can believe that. I will post a picture of it because I have never seen a moustache on a horse.
We all had a fun time. It's so neat to see her learning about her world. I love watching her react. Speaking of her reacting, I am sure you guys will get a kick out of how she reacted to the pony ride. :)


  1. So cute. Yes it is a lot of fun watching her experience different things for sure.Thanks for keeping this updated.
    Love you

  2. Is that from today? So cute, Brenda!