Friday, March 12, 2010

Potty Training...

Ok, it's starting! Lila has shown quite a bit of interest in the potty. I take her in with me every time I go, and most of the time she gets mad when I sit down, because she wants to be the one to sit down. She is starting to get the lingo down too. I decided to get her a soft cushion seat that sits right on the normal seat. When we got home yesterday she sat right on it. I kept asking her if she was done and she would say "no". She was very content to just sit there. (and keep on wiping, lol it's her favorite part) While she is sitting there she likes to grab toilet paper and wipe everything around her too. LOL. So, this is a brand new adventure. I am not in any hurry to potty train her. If it takes some time that is fine with me. I don't want to hold her back either obviously. I have read a few articles on how to do it. I'm sure it's different in practice.

I felt so bad. late last night after our prayers, Lila went running in the bathroom and all of a sudden we hear a scream and cry. She was trying to lift the lid on the toilet to put her seat back on and the lid came down on her and caught her face and landed on her wrist. Poor thing was crying big tears. She felt better when I sat her back on her potty and let her wipe her own tears, nose, and anything else she could wipe. :)

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  1. I want to start potty training Ez, and am hoping to start this week. It is just really hard when I have to leave the house to go run errands. But, we'll see how it goes. Maybe it's better to go cold turkey for it? Just, No More Diapers... We'll see.

    Poor Lila! The toilet munched her! You're lucky she still wants to sit on it! If that happened to Ez, he probably would have freaked out!