Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Cute New Hair Do

I know I mentioned this recently, but Lila's hair is getting so long! Here are some pictures of her hair from a few days ago. It looked so cute. You can see as I got out the camera to take her picture, she went behind the door and tried to close it on me. I really wish I could capture her personality in photos. Every time I get out the cameras she stops what she is doing, she always has.


  1. hi i think my grand daughter takes after my daughter a lot and thats sure a good thing all though its easy to see she has a brilliant mind of her own dad

  2. hi its nice to see all you folks doing stuff it makes me feel closer to you guys kinda like being there its allso nice watching Lila doing things with you and Brent and as far as the prayers done i love you s dad